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M ost interfaces provide a big software package with useful features, but have a steep learning curve and consume the most important thing a musician doesn’t have. Time.

Time to mess with all the technical stuff.

But creativity needs boundaries. In an unlimited space there is no need to be creative, as all destinations can be reached – with just some knowledge and craftsmanship.

The ALVA designers decided to try another way: Sensible downsizing.

The Nanoface is designed as partner of modern digital audio workstations.
There are no software option dialogs or an integrated mixer. Just a high-speed driver.

All modern audio programs provide a low latency engine, an integrated mixer with plug-in support and monitoring features. They emulate a complete studio workflow. Some audio interfaces try to do the same and thus doubling not only the features, but also the time to mess with them.

The Nanoface is different. All features can be controlled with ONE multi controller. Directly on the unit. In combination with an audio sequencer this is what most all musicians need. No more. No less.

If you want to use a mixer, with sends, busses and effects – it’s already in your DAW software.

Reduce. Be creative.

Part 3: The usability concept of the Nanoface.

Part 1: The Nanoface Connections.